ATV Rentals Heber

Resting at 5,595 elevation, Heber, Utah is set near the Wasatch Mountains, where
outdoor recreational opportunities are abundant, including hiking, ATV trails, fishing
and more. As Adventure Haus is located in the prime destination of the Swiss Village of
Zermatt Resort at the base of the Wasatch Mountain, we handle ATVand off rode vehicle
rentals in Heber.

When you Rent ATVs to explore the diverse Wasatch Mountains, you’ll find thrilling
adventure around every bend on the ATV trails. Adventure Haus has all of your Heber
ATV rental needs in one convenient location to allow you to spend as much time
outdoors as possible. With a team of recreational experts on staff, you’ll have access to
top brands for your ATV equipment and riding gear needs. Our knowledgably staff and
quality equipment will provide you with a comfortable and stylish ATV experience.

Unlike other ATV rental companies in Heber, Adventure Haus offers ATV rentals for
non guided excursions for moderate prices. With an abundance of wide open spaces and
ATV trails to seek adventure, you’ll benefit from the dynamic beauty of the mountains
as you ride. Our ATV rental company offers everything you need to for exploring the
Wasatch Mountains with an All Terrain Vehicle.

By renting an ATV in Heber, your off road adventures will be unmatched as you can
rest assured your riding with top of the line equipment for your comfort and safety. Our
ATVs provide you with razor sharp performance on a diversity of terrains.

You won’t be disappointed with our ATV rentals in Heber. Let Adventure Haus help you
create the perfect door adventures today!