Side by Side Rentals Midway

If you enjoy off road recreational vehicles, Adventure Haus is the place for you. We
have all of the top performing off road vehicles available for rent, including side
by side rentals in Midway. Our top of the line side by sides will provide you with
an unforgettable and thrilling off road experience. Ideally located near the Wasatch
Mountains, you’ll have a diversity of off road trails to choose from when renting with
Adventure Haus.

Located just 20 minutes from Park City in the Swiss Village of Zermatt Resort,
Adventure Haus has everything you need for side by side excursions. We’ll fill your need
for adventure while you explore the dynamic beauty of the mountains in comfort and

Also known as a Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) or Recreational Off Highway Vehicle
(ROV), side by sides are four-wheel drive off road vehicles with room for 2 to 4 people.
With the ability and performance capabilities to explore diverse and somewhat harsh
terrains, you’ll discover the Wasatch Mountains with thrill and excitement.

Due to our pristine location, after renting your side by side in Midway, you’ll have an
abundance of off road trails right at your finger tips. We offer top of the line equipment
by leading manufactures in the industry, as well as the best brands for the newest gear.

With our affordable prices for non guidance excursions and top of the line equipment,
you’ll have the maximum experience possible when renting side by side from Adventure
Haus. As your satisfaction is our top priority, our recreational experts will ensure you’ll
have the most enjoyable experience possible, including safety, style and comfort.

When looking for side by side rentals in Midway, head to Adventure Haus, a side by side
rental company you can trust!