Side by Side Rentals Heber

The Wasatch Mountains near Heber, Utah are the prime location for outdoor adventures
with off road vehicles, including 4-seat side by sides. Gone are the days of riding solo
as the small, four-wheel drive off road vehicles have room for your friends or family.
Adventure Haus is a leading provider for side by side rentals in Heber. By renting a side
by side, you’ll explore a variety of terrain with top performance.

Conveniently located in the Swiss Village of Zermatt Resort, just 20 minutes from Park
City, our location offers everything you need for a side by side adventure. We have the
equipment and gear you need for a stylish and comfortable trip.

With the side by side rentals at Adventure Haus in Heber, you’ll explore the beautiful
mountain scenery in style. Plus, you can trust our side by side rental, Polaris Razor. The
razor sharp performance of these vehicles will allow you to explore the many trails and
wide-open spaces of the Wasatch Mountains.

Our affordable prices for non guided excursions at Adventure Haus can’t be matched by
any other side by side rental company in Midway. In close proximity to Park City and
Midway, there is an abundance of off road trails for you to explore on a side by side.
Whether you’re going out for the afternoon or for the full day, our side by side rentals
will meet your needs.

When you rent with us, you know you’re renting reliability and quality you can trust,
while receiving exceptional customer service! With a variety of tours and trails to
choose from, we offer the newest and best side by side rentals around for the maximum

Our recreational experts at Adventure Haus will fulfill your cravings for adventure as you
head out on one of our side by side rentals in Heber.