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The Adventure Haus was started out of the pure passion and love for the outdoors. We have an exceptional outdoor playground and want everyone to enjoy it. This is our way of getting people to experience what we experience everyday. All of our guides and employees are here because they want to share their passion for the outdoors. All of our guides are true professionals with the ability to raise the fun meter. Our mission is to provide quality equipment with expert guides so your experience will be superior.

Zermatt Resort was looking for a high-end sports shop and someone to take the reins. Adventure Haus was created when Jan Pederson, founder of Jans Mountain Outfitters, recommended Jonathan Wagstaff for the job. Jonathan was born and raised in Heber, Utah and has grown to understand and appreciate the outdoors. He has been reared and raised in outdoor recreation. His family owns and operates Deer Creek Island Resort and Jonathan has worked there since age 12. The winters months found Jonathan at Park City Mountain Resort at Jans. There he learned to make a living doing what he enjoyed most, skiing.

Thank you for your interest in Adventure Haus. We are here to assist you and help you find the information you need in order to make your experience with us a positive one.

Adventure Haus at Zermatt Resort
784 W. Resort Drive
Midway, UT 84049
Fax: (435) 709-9526

Adventure Haus at Stillwater Resort
1364 W. Stillwater Drive
Heber, UT 84032
Phone: (435) 658-1957
Fax: (435) 658-1986


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